Last things.....

I'm done! What now?

You need to confirm that you have checked that the evidence you supplied for each question clearly illustrates that the benchmark outlined in the ‘our guidance’ column has been met. You need to confirm that you have read the Recognised Provider membership preamble and that you wish to apply to become an FSA Recognised Forest School Provider. There follows a series of individual declarations that you need to tick before signing and dating at the bottom of the application form:

I will abide by and observe the Members’ Code of Conduct ☐

I will work to promote the six Forest School Principles and objectives of the FSA ☐

I confirm I have gained permission from the individuals named in the application to share their information with the FSA and for it to be made publicly available where applicable ☐

I understand that the following information:

  -my name, the name of my organisation, my organisation’s location, logo, contact number, email address and website details

  -some detail relating to the Forest School experiences we offer

  -names of staff and their associated level of Forest School qualification

will be placed on an online, searchable database of FSA Recognised Providers on the FSA website that will be publicly visible. I am therefore willing to submit the relevant information and logo as part of this information requirement. ☐

I will notify the FSA should any of the above information require updating ☐

I understand that being part of the Forest School community means supporting and I am willing to support other providers by sharing information and good practice ☐

I declare that we will only offer Forest School sessions of the standard outlined in this application and accept that this will be checked at the time of annual declaration ☐

I will only use the words ‘Forest School’ to refer to long term Forest School programmes which adhere to the 6 principles ☐

I declare that the information I have given in this form and as supporting evidence presents a true and accurate record of our Forest School practice ☐ 

I understand that the FSA reserves the right to visit my setting at any point to undertake an onsite assessment of my/our practice ☐

All risk assessments, regardless of which practitioner creates them, will be of a similar standard to those submitted with this application ☐