Question 12 - Your Forest School people

Who shall I choose as our FSA individual members? Which level 3 practitioners do I need to declare?

Provide us with the names of each of your Level 3 FS Practitioners. You can also add the names of other people involved in FS.

To apply to become a Recognised Provider you must have at least one Level 3 qualified member of staff. It is particularly important that you declare each of your practising Forest School Practitioners (Level 3 qualified) who have been leading FS programmes during the last 12 months. You may need to append a separate sheet if you have more than 4 level 3 qualified staff/volunteers. Please note we will apply an additional fee of £20 for each further person.  

Most applicants are entitled to add up to 4 people as full individual members of the FSA (see question 10). We suggest you prioritise those with Level 3, 2 and 1 qualifications, but if you still have unused ‘spaces’ you are welcome to add the names of any other FS enthusiasts (parents, volunteers, other teachers/staff, trainees etc).