Question 40 - Communications

What sort of communications are you interested in?

Share examples of communications that demonstrate that, in advance of FS sessions beginning, you support i) parents and ii) adult supporters, to build a thorough and accurate picture of what Forest School is 

Your stakeholders might include children, parents/carers, class teachers, adult supporters, SLT/Governors, landowners and/or the local community.  

We expect that you communicate effectively with all stakeholders. However, we want to see evidence specifically relating to how you communicate effectively with parent/carers AND adult supporters in sessions. We want to be sure that Level 3 practitioners in your setting are sharing the principles and ethos of Forest School (e.g. long term, participant-led, risky play, all weathers, holistic etc) with these two important stakeholder groups.

You might communicate with your stakeholders in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions about the types of supporting evidence you could share

• letter/email/leaflets/handouts (copies)

• face to face meeting (agenda)

• taster session (invitation or photos)

• CPD session (agenda)

• Newsletter (copies) or website (specific URL)

• Social media updates (screenshots)

• Handbook (copy of page with signatures to show who it has been shared with)