General points to consider

Here is Nell explaining some important overarching considerations when completing your application.

All benchmarks apply to every applicant, regardless of setting.

The only exceptions will be where practitioners work with clients who have needs that mean staying outdoors for 2 hours is not possible (for example young people with ASD who may need to build up to spending 2 hours in a woodland, clients with medical conditions that mean staying outdoors for 2 hours is unsafe).

We will advise that your practice has not met our benchmarks if there are major evidence gaps or numerous minor evidence gaps. Please double check you have evidenced every benchmark before you submit.

Save your application form as a Word document. Your supporting evidence can be in any format.

Please tell us about your routine day to day practice.

You can scan or photograph handwritten evidence (use vertical aerial photos not oblique aerial photos please).

We will return submissions that do not follow our requested file naming format. Please name a file by starting with the number of the question it relates to and then giving a common sense description. For example at Question 13 you need to submit a copy of your Level 3 qualification certificate so the file name would be "13 Nell level 3 Certificate".